Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating Holidays

Our first Easter

Christmas time

A Halloween celebration

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pictures of us

Bike riding the trails

Our favorite overlook

The Library - Aimee's favorite building

Zions National Park

Friday, June 4, 2010

Adoption is important

This blog is to let people know that we are adopting. We wanted to tell others about us and why we have choosing to adopt.

Our names are Aimee and Brian. We have been married, at this point, almost 5 years. In those years we have learned about each other and grown closer. We have learned to work through our difference and how to help each other. We have know we would be adopting since we started dating seriously because of a medical condition. That may make it sound like it was an easy decision but it wasn't. It is not a decision that we regret or would change if given the chance. We know it is the right decision.

We have been working with LDS Family Services and have included a section of a letter we wrote together with the agency. It tells more about us and hopefully will give some idea of our personalities.

About Aimee
I grew up in a family with 6 siblings. As the oldest, I helped with my younger brothers and sisters as much as possible. There were numerous family picnics in the mountains near my home. I remember playing board games and putting together puzzles with my parents and siblings on many nights. Even though my siblings have now spread out across the United States, I still keep in touch with them through phone calls, emails, and blog pages.
Growing up I enjoyed creating crafts and gardening. I discovered cross-stitch and quilting in high school and was hooked. I was enrolled in piano lessons for many years. While I don’t play piano as often as I did growing up, it is still one of my favorite forms of stress relief. I didn’t have a large number of friends growing up, but I had great fun with those I did have.
I went to college in Pocatello, Idaho. I started college with the idea of becoming a pharmacist. I ended college with a degree in microbiology and in medical technology. I work now as a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory.
My favorite past times are quilting, reading, and scrapbooking. I still do some gardening but on a much smaller scale.

About Brian
I have a close family of 2 sisters and 5 brothers. I have a sister and a brother who live nearby with their families and we get together at my parents home almost on a daily basis. My other brothers live just a few hours away and my other sister lives back east. I remember hikes together, chicken farms and milking the cow with my siblings.
In school, I was introduced to Theatre and have loved it since then. I worked behind the scenes and as well as on the stage in numerous plays throughout high school and then college. It was mostly because of my high school drama teacher that I decided on my chosen profession of high school teacher. I went on an LDS mission to Chile for 2 years after just one year of college. I learned the Spanish language during this time and still practice speaking Spanish as much as possible. I continued with college after my mission and received my degree in Theater and Spanish. My pastime interests include card collecting, bike riding, and working with the computers. I also love to go hiking and going grocery shopping with my wife.

Our Story
A co-worker’s wife arranged the a blind date. It was a simple one, just dinner at Denny’s and then a board game back at Aimee’s place. It was during the board game that Brian decided that Aimee was someone to watch. Aimee wasn’t sure what to expect but liked Brian well enough that she hoped he would call again. And call again he did (with a little push from his sister in law).
We married with the blessings from both our families. We go bike riding together and love to visit the National Parks with our families. The vacations we have been on have involved visiting family and having fun along the way. We still enjoy going out together to watch a movie or celebrate with dinner. We are often visiting or are visited by family in the area. There has been more then more sleep over at our house when nephews have wanted to spend more time with Uncle Brian and Aunt Aimee.